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Let’s Charity Foundation

Education supports to build a Happy Family

We help the Children in Education

We, Let’s Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps communities build knowledge so that the Children under poor economic background can be empowered with Education. Our long-term, integrated programs in Health, Livelihoods, Education, and Disaster Relief & Resilience offer creative solutions to long-standing development issues. We combine internal knowledge and a strong network of partnerships with top experts to provide outcomes at a very beneficiary level. We help the Children coming from poverty line to complete their education and gain the knowledge which is the equal rights to any.


Helped People


Let’s Charity Foundation has supported several children to continue their Education, Let’s Charity Foundation supports the Children from the underprivilege background to continue their Education. Lots of Children from the Poor Economic background drop out of the school at early ages due to Financial Crisis. Let’s Charity Foundation supports in building the career of the students.

Let’s Charity Foundation

Women and girls who are empowered can help their families and communities escape poverty.

With the support of the best education, the Let’s Charity Foundation is assisting millions of people in leading a life of dignity. We influenced the lives of several people in 2020-21 through a variety of programmes that were carried out across several states.

We believe that the three pillars of education, health, and community development are inextricably linked, and that collaborating is the only way to achieve long-term and significant change in the target population, particularly for poor children and women.