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Importance of Education for Children

Children need to be educated since they are the backbone of the country and must be informed about current events. It aids in the development of a child’s humanity, excellent manners, and social skills. The most vulnerable period of life is early childhood. The goal of early childhood education is to help young children develop. Childhood is a crucial time for children to build social and mental skills that will aid in their development and success.

Childhood education also provides opportunities for self-development and learning about one’s hobbies. At this point in our life, the value of education extends much beyond what we learn in a textbook. A youthful mind has a lot of questions that need to be answered. Otherwise, youngsters may make erroneous decisions later in life. Because the Indian constitution recognises the importance of child education, the right to education act of 2009 was enacted to make schooling compulsory for children aged 6 to 4 years. At least 35 million youngsters aged 6 to 14 still do not attend school today.

Education also provides information on how to improve one’s skill and artwork. It enables us to reflect on events in our lives and perhaps learn from our mistakes. It provides children with a better opportunity to set future goals. Children’s education entails having a logically set mind to do something and achieve it. Education is necessary for children to learn how to survive in this world.

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